Should A Resume Be Black & White Or Have Color?

Most job hunters look for the ways to stand out from the crowd when designing their resume. Many questions come to mind when trying to write a resume such as; which font is the best to use in a resume, should I keep my resume black and white, can I add color to my resume, how to find the best resume writing professionals in Lakewood Colorado, etc. These are all great questions! Adding color to your resume has its pros and cons and hiring managers do not say much about colored or black and white resumes. It’s up to you and the job position you apply for. If you’ve decided to add some color to your resume, feel free to do so, but be careful, since it can be a double-edged sword. To help you o

Why Adding Too Many Soft Skills In A Resume Will Get it Rejected

Before a resume even reaches the hiring managers desk, it first goes through the companies Applicant Tracking Software system to filter out resumes. Seeking career advancement or even just job interviews, more people are hiring Colorado's largest and top rated resume writing professionals. For the resumes that do pass the companies software filtration systems, hiring managers spend less than 6 seconds reading a resume. Within this time, a hiring manager decides whether to call in a candidate for an interview or not. Listing more of what’s necessary gives a let-me-show-off-myself image, which annoys every hiring manager. The key to impress them and make them want to meet you is to have a resu

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