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Federal Resume Writing Service

Federal Resume Writing Service


Thinking about applying for a Federal Job through Choosing the right resume format and content makes the job hunting journey even more difficult than it already is. Different jobs, companies and websites require resumes and cover letters to be keyword optimized, targeted and specifically formatted in certain ways. is an example of this. One must be exceptionally careful when applying for a Federal Government job. 

What Is A Federal Resume?


A federal resume is a specifically constructed resume used for a Federal government job application. It contains a summary of your education, experience and other relevant information, but a federal resume is more detailed than a private sector/corporate resume.

Who Is is an official website of the United States’ Government that provides employment information and Federal jobs. It is updated every day, providing online application in various formats for job seekers of different technical and physical competencies. If you wish to apply for a federal position within the government, you will most likely apply through

Who Should Have A Federal Resume?


A federal resume suits those who apply for a job on site. Since their application filters out all resumes that do not follow precise instructions, it is essential to have a federal resume and not any other. provides a list of numerous job titles from various fields, including Education, Business and Industry, Information and Arts, Transportation, Metalworking, and many, many more.

What's The Difference Between A Federal Resume & A Corporate/Private Sector Resume?


The difference is not only in the length of each, but also in the depth of the provided information. The length of a federal resume is typically four to six pages. A federal resume contains more detailed about your skills, duties, experience, accomplishments, etc. Federal resume are formatted in a very specific manner in which it meets software filtration system requirements. From layout/format, content, keywords, core competencies, section listing, font size, and font type, the U.S. Government expects every one of their requirements to me meet if you wish to land job interviews. That's why you should always hire a professional federal resume writing service in Denver Colorado to help.

Can I Use A Standard Corporate/Private Resume To Apply For A Federal Job?


Standard or corporate resumes must be avoided when applying for a Federal government job. A standard resume will be filtered out at the very beginning of the applying process since it doesn’t meet the extremely strict requirements. It must be in a federal format, in the proper federal resume length and contain the proper federal content in the right areas of the resume with the proper information.

Why Should I Hire A Professional Federal Resume Writing Company?


One must be extremely careful when writing a federal resume in order to be chosen for an interview. No mistakes are allowed. It must be precise and meet all requirements. When in need for a federal resume, it is best to hire professionals since they are experienced, follow the precise rules of federal resume writing. They know the right format and which information to include, using the right keywords. Any unnecessary information can filter out a candidate’s resume - they are cautious and aware of all the possible mistakes and know how to avoid them.

Can I See An Example Of A Federal Resume?


Click here to see an example of a professionally written federal resume.