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Infographic Resume Writing Service

Infographic Resume Writing Service

The job market is heavily competitive, and standing out from the masses is becoming increasingly difficult. As one of the first points of contact between an employer and a job seeker, the resume has become an instrumental tool at being noticed as better, more professional and more motivated.

With everyone competing for the little attention employers have to give, having a resume that’s different and original, while being informative and easily digestible has become crucial. Infographic resumes are the next evolutionary step in resume writing, and as a professional resume writing company, we are proud to say we can offer creative, engaging, & appealing infographic professional resumes.

Who Should Have An "Infographic" Resume?


Anyone who wants to stand out of the crowd and have "wow" factor!


If you are an accomplished professional with demonstrated success in achieving company growth, improving processes, managing employees or programs, or have a C-Suite or High-level executive, sales, or marketing background, an infographic resume may be the ideal document for you.


They also work great for quantifiable jobs such as c-suite positions or managerial ones, as they allow for visual storytelling. Combine all your successes, achievements and skills in a single page that’s easy to consume and understand to every hiring manager or executive.


Talk to one of our infographic professional resume writers to see if an infographic resume is right for you.

What We Will Do For You?


  • Gather essential information about you as a candidate, including previous job positions, successes, skills and achievements.

  • Create a stunning, engaging infographic resume with the help of our experienced graphic designers.

  • Write a cover letter, letter of intent and a follow-up thank you letter to best present the job candidate’s motivation.

  • Create and revamp the candidates’ LinkedIn profile, an essential step in the job hunting process.

  • Facilitate career progress through counseling and training on how to attend job interviews and how to answer tricky questions.

How Does The Infographic Resume Writing Process Work?


An infographic resume is a visual document which aggregates all your previous work and education experiences and presents them in a series of charts and graphs. That way, hiring managers can see, in an instant, how you progressed and grew in your career, over the years.

professionally created infographic resume requires a thorough understanding of graphic design, and color palettes, but also an understanding of what type of information hiring managers are looking for. With a team of expert resume writers and graphic designers, we have the perfect combination for the ultimate infographic resume.


  1. Interview each candidate to learn about their previous positions and experiences.

  2. Discover each candidate’s plans for the future, including industries, positions, salaries.

  3. Prepare all the relevant information graphic designers need to create the infographic resume.

  4. Design and complete the resume using the information provided by the writers.

  5. Write a cover letter, and an accompanying thank you letter.

  6. Build a strong LinkedIn profile.

  7. Train candidates for incoming interviews.

Can I See An Example Of An Infographic Resume?


Click here to see an example of a professionally written Infographic Resume.