Walk Me Through Your Resume

It is standard practice for interviewers to start an interview with an introductory question, which is why “Tell me about yourself” is such a common question.

The alternative that you will most likely stumble upon is “Walk me through your resume”.

That’s a great chance to present your professional qualifications and strengthen the impression you have created with your application documents.

But make no mistake, you should not start going point by point through your whole resume, that’s not what the interviewer wants to hear.

In this article, we are going to show you how to answer this question right.

We are going to explore the two most important questions:

  • Why do employers ask you to walk them through your resume?

  • How to answer “Walk me through your resume”?

And then we’ll finish things off with some of the best sample examples which can help you create your own.

If you still experience some difficulty with getting an interview with your current resume.

But if you are ready to learn how to walk an interviewer through your resume, stick around.

Essentially, what is expected of you is to bring your resume to life by highlighting the most important parts of your resume and presenting your character at the same time.

What the interviewer wants to find out with this question is how qualified you are for the position you are applying for, in your own words.

Furthermore, with this question, they can find out whether you know your own strengths and how effectively you can present them in a limited time.

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