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Who Is Expert Resume Pros?

Updated: May 9

Over the last 35 years, we at Expert Resume Pros have written more than 325,000 resumes!

Our powerful resumes have helped a wide variety of job seekers ranging from executive level, mid-career, and entry-level job searchers.

We’ve continuously proved our mettle and have solidified our name as the largest and the best-rated Resume Service In Colorado.

Our staff is made up of skilled Resume Writers In Colorado who are familiar with hiring managers' needs.

We have assisted thousands of job seekers in getting job interviews ever since we established ourselves as Colorado's most reputed resume service. We work to create the most thorough, superior, and effective resumid-levelmes and cover letters that get job applicants' interviews.

If you’re an executive, mid level career seeker, fresh graduate, or a seasoned employee looking for better career prospects, or applying for a promotion, then you would know how crucial a resume is.

In fact, the quality of your resume will either make or break the deal.

When it comes to such a high-stakes situation, every small detail counts, and having a sub-par resume writer not only decreases your confidence but also creates a poor impression.

What if we told you that you will never have to be in that situation!

Yes! You heard it right, Expert Resume Pros is the one-stop solution to all your resume needs.

We help you outshine all the applicants so that you can get hold of your dream job!

Need to know how you can make the best use of Expert Resume Pros?

Read on!


We are the biggest in the state with over 34 Senior/Advanced Professional Resume Writers and four commercial locations in Colorado, one each in Denver, Lakewood, Aurora, and Colorado Springs.

Expert Resume Pro has more positive customer reviews than any other resume writing company in the entire state of Colorado. We also take great pride in highlighting our 1000 plus 5-star customer ratings!

We have maintained the highest interview success rate (93.4%) among the Professional Resume Writing Services In CO, by producing excellent resumes and cover letters that were tailor-made for the applicant.

The backbone of our service, our writers are the best in class. For that matter, we only recruit Senior Tier 3 writers. We conduct interviews with every client to make sure we are aware of their histories, performance indicators, key skills, and career objectives.

Working closely one-on-one with each client enables our writers to completely review the background of each client in order to have the necessary data to produce a compelling and outstanding resume.

To ensure that they pass the software filtering systems of the firms they apply to, all resumes are keyword and search engine optimized.

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

We provide a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee because we are 100% confident that we can provide our customers with high-quality resumes and the Most Professional Resume Writing Service In CO!

Within just 45 days, you will secure interviews, and thanks to our money-back guarantee, you can trust us like your best friend to help you.

Why Do We Use The ATS?

Since large companies get hundreds of applications every day, 75% of major organizations employ an applicant tracking system (ATS). However, an ATS is now used by businesses of all sizes, including over 98 %of Fortune 500 corporations.

We are the ONLY professional resume writing service in the entire state of Colorado that has the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) system. This ensures that you get that extra edge that others don't have.

Why No Other Company Can Compete With Our Quality & Prices.

We offer a plethora of services and also provide the best value for money among all the other resume service providers.

Take A Look At The List Of Our Services:

  1. Infographic Resume

  2. LinkedIn Profile Overhaul

  3. Entry Resume

  4. Mid-Level Resume

  5. Advance Level Resume

  6. Federal Resume

BENEFITS You Get From Choosing Expert Resume Pros!

  1. 30 Days Of Unlimited Revisions

  2. 3-5 Day Turnaround Time

  3. 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

  4. Powerful & Engaging Content

  5. Interview With Writer

  6. ATS & SEO Optimized

  7. High-Quality Content

  8. MS Word Documents

  9. Guaranteed Interviews

  10. Value for Money

  11. Plagiarism Free

  12. Custom Designed

How Do We Create Your Resume?

1. Review Prices & Select Services

To evaluate all of our services online, begin by clicking on the "Prices" tab. We provide resumes in the Entry, Mid, and Advanced levels.

Your resume will get more extensive, comprehensive, detailed, and content-heavy as the price increases.

2. Schedule An In-Depth Interview With Your Senior Writer

Your Senior Resume Writer will contact you to set up your interview within 24 hours of your online service selection. We accommodate your schedule.

We do 20% of our interviews in-person and 80% over the phone.

If you are a Senior or C-Suite Executive and have over 100 pages of hard documentation to bring in, in-person interviews make sense.

3. Completed Resume Emailed To You

Our Senior Resume Writer will send you your finished resume three to five days following your in-depth interview. To ensure that you have complete access to your papers, we provide everything to you in MS Word format.

If necessary, you will have up to 30 days to collaborate with your resume writer on any changes or improvements you would want them to make closely.

Want To Contact Us?

You may contact us via phone, email, or online chat.

We respond to emails and phone calls within an hour.

For urgent help, you may also speak with our live representative. We are OPEN 7 days a week.

Link to our website:

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