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As a professional resume writing service in Denver Colorado, Expert Resume Pros writes professional and keyword optimized Cover Letters.  Despite the myths that cover letters are no longer as popular as before, many hiring managers and employers expect and require a professionally written cover letter from job seekers. The power of an impressive cover letter is highly underestimated nowadays. Not only does it help job applicants stand out from the pile of those who do not write cover letters, it also helps them improve their image as professionals.

What Is A Cover Letter?


A cover letter, covering letter, motivation letter, letter of intent, motivational letter or a letter of motivation is a letter of introduction attached to, or accompanying another document such as a résumé or curriculum vitae (CV). Unlike a resume, a cover letter is an overview of your skills, abilities, and greatest achievements. It is specifically written for a job position a job seeker applies for, demonstrating why he/she is the right person for the job.

Do Employers Require Or Expect A Cover Letter?


Not all hiring managers or employers list a cover letter under requirements when advertising a job position. Even though it is not required, most Hiring Managers expect a Cover Letter! It helps them get a better insight into a candidate’s motivation and interest for the job. How effective communication skills of a candidate are, can be seen in the cover letter. The better it is written, the better the picture hiring managers will have. A cover letter can reveal a candidate’s attitude and professionalism.

What Information Should Be On A Cover Letter?


When writing a cover letter, it is important to be more detailed than in a resume, but still on point and smooth. A cover letter serves to introduce a candidate to the employer on a more personal level. What should be included in a cover letter is:


  • Professional details of a candidate

  • Core competencies

  • Greatest key achievements & success’s

  • Keyword optimized & targeted towards a specific job

  • Where a candidate found the vacancy

  • Why a candidate is suitable for the applied job position

  • What a candidate can do for a company

  • What a candidate has done to improve previous companies results

  • A closing statement

Benefits Of Having A Professionally Written Cover Letter? 


Most of the hiring managers and employers get disappointed after reading a poorly written and generic/templated Cover Letter! If it is not required, still submit a powerfully and professionally written keyword optimized cover letter. But since having a cover letter is a big plus, hire a professional cover letter and resume writing service.  As professionals, they know how to write an outstanding cover letter that makes a candidate stand out from the crowd.

Professional cover letter writers:


  1. Are familiar with the right format and font of a cover letter

  2. Know what should be included in a cover letter

  3. Use the information and make it clear and concise

  4. Are succinct and include no unnecessary details (paragraphs are short and direct)

  5. Augment and amplify the information written in a resume or a CV

Why Do So Many Employers Require A Cover Letter?


It is not an easy task to write a cover letter. It should be tailored and crafted to draw attention to a candidate’s job relevant skills. Employers can find out a lot about a candidate just from the cover letter, such as a candidate’s attention to details, personality and creativity. For those who require it, a cover letter is a powerful tool when it comes to filtering out and vetting candidates.


Among other things, a cover letter helps employers:


  1. Get to know a candidate better

  2. Know the job a candidate wants

  3. Provide insight into a candidate’s relevant skills

  4. Know a candidate’s understanding of the requirements

  5. Check if a candidate has a professional and positive attitude

Statistics On Cover Letters

According to Forbes, 53 percent of employers stated that a resume with a cover letter receives preference over a resume without a cover letter. It is also important to mention that, according to the same study, 75 percent of employers agree that a well-crafted cover letter helps less-qualified applicants get a chance for an interview.