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Professional Head Shot Photos For LinkedIn

Besides writing stellar resumes and cover letters, Expert Resume Pros also revamps your entire LinkedIn profile. That includes filling all of LinkedIn’s sections, to get your profile’s strength up to 100%. It includes building a strong connection list, writing a recommendation, as well as endorsements. On top of it all, we will partner you with our talented and Professional Photographer to take amazing looking head shot photos for your LinkedIn profile. 

How Important Is Your Head Shot Photo On LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is an extremely important link in the job hunting chain. Most employers will research potential employees online, and one of the first places they’ll look will be LinkedIn. Besides researching employment history and connections, the employer is bound to check out your LinkedIn profile picture, too. It is very important to get this element right.

It is a scientifically proven fact that facial perception plays a crucial role in the opinions we form of others. In other words, the photo you have on LinkedIn can be the difference between being perceived as a trustworthy, highly skilled professional, or as an amateur not worth the trouble.

A professionally looking LinkedIn profile picture helps you brand yourself, builds your credibility and personal appeal.

Why Hire A Professional Photographer?


Here at Expert Resume Pros, we’re quite aware of the importance of the profile picture, which is why we have a dedicated in-house photographer, designated to do just that. Creating the perfect picture requires more than just the photographer, though. First, it requires knowledge of what makes a profile picture ‘perfect’. Whether it’s the background, the clothing, the way people smile or squeeze their eyes when they smile – those are all important elements to an stunning profile picture.


On top of it all, the photographer needs to have the right equipment, which includes:

  • A high quality, high resolution, with max mega-pixels professional camera

  • Backdrop in various colors, depending on the client

  • Umbrella lighting

  • White Boxes

  • Photo Shopping, editing, cropping, on software

We’re proud to say we have you covered on all marketing fields, and you can expect only the best head shots here.

What's The Process?


  1. Our professional photographer schedules an appointment for the customer to come into one of our four commercial offices.

  2. The photographer will provide the customer with tips and advice on what to wear, and what not to wear, including style and colors.

  3. State-of-the-art technology will be used for taking the photo, including a professional camera, a white backdrop and umbrella lighting to take high-quality, professional LinkedIn profile photos.

  4. The photographer will take between 45 and 50 photographs and choose the best ones.

Can I See Examples Of Professional Head Shot Photos?

Yes. See examples of our photographers head shot photos for LinkedIn.