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LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

What We'll Do To Your LinkedIn Profile?


Our Master Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers (MPLPW) will:


  • Upgrade and revamp existing LinkedIn profiles.

  • Create new LinkedIn profiles.

  • Get LinkedIn profiles at the "All Star" level.

  • Create custom LinkedIn URL address so it can be easily and properly found by employers.

  • Add entire career summaries and employment background information.

  • Add or edit endorsements and skills to ensure LinkedIn profile gets found online by recruiters.

  • Include proper contact information so potential Hiring Managers can connect with you.

  • Upload professional profile photo.

  • Add proper header with relevant job title.

How Hiring Managers Use LinkedIn To Filter Out/Vet Job Seekers?


Hiring managers and employers rely heavily on social networks when looking for new employees. One of the first networks they check is LinkedIn, as it is a professional one while the others, such as Facebook and Twitter, are considered to represent a more private and informal image of a candidate.


To decide whether a candidate meets their requirements or not, hiring managers and employers thoroughly examine LinkedIn profiles and search for:


  1. Keywords in the headlines of a LinkedIn profile.

  2. Profile photo.

  3. Relevant experience of a candidate.

  4. How professional a candidate is.

  5. Recommendations from employers, employees and network connections.

  6. How a candidate presents former or present employment.

  7. Compare a resume and a profile to check if all provided information match.

  8. Publications and portfolios of a candidate.

  9. Shared network connections.

  10. Size of their network.

What Do Hiring Managers Look For When They Research A Job Seekers LinkedIn Account?


When looking for new members of their workforce, employers and hiring managers:


  • Use search engines to check out profiles of job seekers (profiles that are keyword optimized and contain search phrases, location, etc. are much easier to find).

  • Examine the contact lists of other professionals while researching the potential candidates.

  • Look for the contact list of other candidates.

Who Is LinkedIn & Why Are They So Important?


LinkedIn is the largest and the most popular business oriented and professional network. It serves both employers and job seekers to make contacts with other professionals, like-minded people and those who share the same interests.


It is a network where professionals can:


  • Promote themselves as professionals.

  • Find out more about the upcoming events.

  • Get important and new information.

  • Post questions.

  • Share knowledge.

  • Make connections.

  • Look for new job opportunities.

  • Be easily found on Google.

What Do Hiring Managers Think If You Don't Have A LinkedIn Account?


Hiring managers are not so strict in terms of individual’s exposure on social networks. But having a LinkedIn profile is a big plus for all job seekers. One’s presence on such a network will give an image of professionalism, motivation and readiness to include oneself in all spheres to grow professionally. Not having a LinkedIn profile might give an image of individual’s lack of professionalism or motivation, being too old and not familiar with the latest technology achievements or not being a computer savvy. It might also lead them to think a person has something to hide from the employers (providing false information, experience, education, etc.)

Is There Ever A Good Reason Not To Have A LinkedIn Account?


The most important thing people need to know about the LinkedIn network is that it is not like Facebook or Twitter, the ones used for the private purpose. LinkedIn helps individuals stay connected with former employers and employees; it brings new opportunities and search for hiring managers and new companies.