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Expert Resume Pros is a professional reference list and resume writing service in Denver Colorado that helps job seekers on their way towards new job opportunities. When looking for a new job, it is highly important to have the right contacts on your professional reference list. If you are a job seeker having difficulties writing a reference list, not knowing what to write, who to include, etc. turn to the number one rated professional resume writing service in Denver Colorado, Expert Resume Pros.

What Is A Professional Reference List?


A reference list is a list of your former employers, bosses, co-workers, teachers and mentors that your potential new employers will contact to learn more about you as a professional and as a person. It is estimated that 87% of all U.S. employers will contact your references as part of the employment background check and verification process.

Who Should I List On My Professional Reference List?


Choosing the right references to provide is crucial! Here is a choice of  five people to put on your list:


  1. A teacher can be a powerful reference, provide information on skills you gained during the course and your character as well. Choose the one who taught the subject relevant to the job you are seeking.

  2. An advisor who had a chance to spend time with you during college years and who also had a chance to watch you grow and develop professionally.

  3. A former supervisor as a reference helps a hiring manager find out about your passion and character. A supervisor had a chance to get to know you better through the projects you worked on.

  4. Your former employer knows your work ethic the most. What your responsibilities were and how your skills met those responsibilities is something a former employer can best explain to a hiring manager.

  5. A colleague you worked with can provide information on your behavior in the team (how you worked, what you achieved). Hiring managers are interested in a candidate’s teamwork abilities, so having someone who can tell more is vital.

What Information Should I Include On My Professional Reference List?


When writing a reference list, make sure to include the following information about your professional references:


  1. References Name

  2. References Current/Previous Job title

  3. References Current/Previous Company

  4. References Current City, ST

  5. References Phone Number

  6. References Email Address

  7. Relationship Status Of Your Reference (e.g., teacher, colleague, manager)

Why Do Hiring Managers Require A List Of References?


Employment & background verification. When choosing a new candidate to be part of their team, hiring managers look for a reference list to gain a better insight into a candidate. What they learn is:


  • Experience and previous job duties of a candidate.

  • Strengths and weaknesses.

  • Affirmation for dates of employment and job title.

  • Achievements.

  • Negative feedback or any verbal or written disciplinary actions a job seekers has had.

How Many References Do Potential Employers Expect Me To List?


Being aware that hiring managers have difficulties while choosing the right candidate, it isn’t a good idea to make this job even more difficult by sending a long list of of improper references. They will not have time to contact all of them. They also expect you provide them with enough references to verify your information. Keep the list short but powerful. With the right people who know you well, three to five references is more than enough.

What Questions Will Hiring Managers Typically Ask My References?

Knowing what hiring managers ask references helps you choose the right ones. Here is what hiring managers frequently ask references:


  • Relationship with a candidate.

  • Confirmation of a job title, duties  and dates of employment.

  • Description of a candidate’s working habits.

  • Strengths and weaknesses.

  • Reasons why a candidate left the job.

  • Would they rehire a candidate.

Worst People To List As A Reference?

You must choose wisely. People on your list play an immense role in your employment. Here is a list of people you should avoid:


  1. Current manager/director/supervisor: Most of the HR policies do not allow current managers/supervisors to provide any information about a current employee. Companies typically forbid your current manager/supervisor from releasing any information about you.

  2. An unprofessional co-worker with chaotic social media profiles: Many hiring managers look for them on social media. Their unprofessional posts and comments might leave an impression of their unreliability.

  3. Anyone who does not know they’re on a reference list: Do not include anyone on your list if you haven’t checked with them first. Ask your contact if it's OK with them to include them as a professional reference for employment purposes. Prepare them!

How To Prepare Your References For When Potential Employers Call Them?


Once people agree to be your reference, you must prepare them for the conversation with your potential employer. The ways to prepare your references are:


  • Check what they will tell. It is good to know how positively they think about you.

  • Make sure they answer a hiring manager’s  questions favorably.

  • Check if they would like to know from you when to expect a hiring manager’s call.

  • Do a mock trial by calling your reference to see how the respond to questions.


One of the most important things when writing a reference list is to always check if people want to be on the list. Listing someone without permission can be blindsiding for them once they receive a call. Have a conversation with your references and prepare them for the call. The more prepared they are and the more positively they respond, the chances of getting a job are increased.