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Professional "Thank You Letter"

Professional "Thank You Letter" Writing Service


Expert Resume Pros is a professional thank you letter & resume writing service based in Denver, Colorado. We have created thousands of thank you letters for our clients, helping them express their gratitude and appreciation to hiring managers for an interview and a chance for employment. If you are having problems with writing a professional & award-winning thank you letter, here is an article on what you need to pay attention to, in order to leave the best impression after an interview.

What Is A Professional Thank You Letter?


It is immensely important to know what a thank you letter is in order to know how to write it properly. A thank you letter is a letter sent to a hiring manager after an interview in order to express appreciation and gratitude for choosing you among many other clients. 

When Should You Send Your Thank You Letter To The Hiring Manager?


Many job applicants wonder when the best time for sending a thank you letter is. The most appropriate time for sending a thank you letter is within twenty-four hours after a job seeker does an in-person interview, phone interview or Skype interview. When sending a thank you letter, it is important to re-attach a resume and a cover letter on the email, as a reminder of skills and qualifications for the job.

How Should You Send Your Thank You Letter To The Potential Employer?


There are many ways of sending a thank you letter, though not all of them are appropriate ones. Many job seekers text a thank you note or call a hiring manager.  Expressing your appreciation this way might lessen the job landing opportunity, as phone calls and texting are considered to be more private ways of communicating. When it comes to business, a job seeker should use emails to send a thank you letter.

What Information Should Be Included In A Thank You Letter?


It is of the utmost importance to keep a thank you letter short and direct, yet not too formal. To avoid making mistakes and writing a thank you letter that leaves a good impression on a hiring manager.


  • Addressing: Start a thank you letter with  Dear Mr./Mrs. to show you do care and appreciate the time a hiring manager devoted to you.

  • Expressing gratitude: Start the first sentence with Thank you for …  to express gratitude for the interview opportunity for the desired job position.

  • Explain your appreciation: State how appealing and enthralling it was for you to learn more about the organization and how your skills and experience can help them grow.

  • Express your interest: It is important to express your earnest interest in the organization and your looking forward to hearing from a hiring manager soon, no matter the outcome.

  • Ending a thank you letter: Before signature, make sure to express your gratitude and professionalism once again, writing Thank you  or Many thanks once again before signing your name.

Does Sending A Thank You Letter To A Potential Employer Increase Chances Of Landing The Job?


Times are changing and a thank you letter might seem to be outdated and unimportant. Many job seekers do not send a thank you letter and thus lessen the opportunity for job landing. According to an Accounttemps survey, 59 percent of the interviewed hiring managers stated that they find a thank you letter very helpful when promising a job position to a candidate.


If a hiring manager showed interest and devoted time to meet you, do not miss a chance to show your motivation and professionalism by sending a thank you letter. It will increase a chance for job landing among other candidates who are granted an interview, but forget or find it unhelpful to send a thank you letter.