How Much Should A Professionally Written Resume Cost?

When applying for a new job, we all face the same problem: our resume. There’s always one question arising: ‘’How to write my resume to impress hiring managers and pass The Applicant Tracking Software system (ATS)?’’ You can find many local professional resume writing services in Denver CO to help you write your resume, but how to know which one is the best resume service, when the price for the service varies from $20 to $1000?

There are a few things to consider before choosing the best Denver Colorado resume writing service. This article will give you information on choosing your resume writer and the investment you can make to get closer to the job.

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Consider The Resume Price And Your Salary Objective(s)

One of the first things to keep in mind is that a graduate student and a director cannot have the same resume. The job position they apply for brings different salaries, and therefore the resume price will be different. As a job seeker with not much experience, applying for a job that brings <$30K per year, you do not need a $1000 resume.

But someone who applies for an over $50K annual salary job might need that one. If you are an entry level career seeker, expect to be charged from $100 to $200, if you want all your education, part-time or full-time job, volunteering and all other relevant information be well-packed and eye catchy. Those who have already changed a few jobs of different titles are offered a $200-$500 resumes.

But if you are an individual with already well established and complex career background, you can be charged from $300 to $1000. When choosing your resume writer or service, think about the salary that a well written and well paid resume could bring you.

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Be Ready To Invest In Your Future

When you know the annual salary of a job position you apply for, spending extra dollars on your resume is a good investment. Of course, you will find many offers that seem to be expensive, and that is due to many reasons that affect the pricing. How much time has a writer spent on getting to know you? How much time did they spend on writing, editing, and polishing your resume? What are their credentials and experience?

Keep in mind that the cheapest resume writing services in Denver CO are most likely those that earn their living on volume. They churn out resumes as fast as possible, placing a huge question mark on the documents’ actual quality.

So, what to do in this situation? First, avoid brutally cheap resume companies (circa $20-$100 per resume), as the quality of these documents is questionable. Check the annual salary of your desired job and compare. If it brings more than $50K per year, a $200 to $1000 resume is one of the best investments of your life. Again, a $30K annual salary is worth investing $100 to $200 for a resume.

Research Highly Rated Resume Companies

Be sure to make detailed research before choosing your resume writer. Do not be tricked by the titles, awards and credentials if you do not know what they actually mean. Try to find a local & reputable professional resume writer in Denver Colorado in order to have a phone or in-person interview. You can also look at online Google, BBB, Yelp, Facebook, or Glassdoor reviews of resume writing services and see what other customers have to say. Always make sure to be familiar with the titles and credentials resume writers arm themselves with.

If you can’t find a reputed local resume writing company, don’t fret. The best companies have no issues sending a resume via email in either .pdf or .docx formats.

We hope this article was informative and helpful for all job hunters having trouble with their resume writing. Why risk being filtered out by ATS or not having an impressive resume, when you can hire a professional to write your resume in Denver CO that will not go unnoticed by hiring managers? Do not hesitate to invest in your future, because your resume is the first step towards your job.

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