Most Powerful 6 Keywords To Use In A Resume

Using the proper keywords in a resume and cover letter is imperative to get an interview nowadays! Resumes must be keyword optimized to filter past a companies software filtration system. Not including the right keywords will get your resume trashed quickly. Hiring the largest professional resume writing service in Colorado, Expert Resume Pros, can guarantee interview results.

So, what is the rule that guarantees fast interview success?

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Golden Resume Rule: Show, Do Not Tell

There are certain ways how you should describe yourself in a resume as the right candidate for the job position. If you oversimplify it, the chances for being assigned to that position are small. Do your best to show your skills, motivation and professionalism using keywords; words that show, not only tell who you are and what you can do. Give an examples of your achievements that will show a hiring manager you are a rare commodity. Do not just write it.

6 Powerful Keywords To Include In A Resume

Using the right keywords that show your skills in your resume will ease the job hunting anxiety. You can check them online or consult a local Denver CO professional resume writer for help. Here is the list of six most powerful keywords to include in your resume:


Example: Produced annual savings of...


Example: Developed and expanded new territories..

Decreased or Increased:

Example: Decreased Y-O-Y expenses by...

Example: Increased revenue generation by....


Example: Capitalized new growth opportunities within department by...


Example: Streamlined companies communications process by integrating...


Example: Promoted by C-suite executives do to...

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What Is A Keyword On A Resume?

A keyword, according to Techopedia, is a “particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a page”. In a resume, keywords are business-like words related to job requirements. These tell your credentials, skills, abilities and qualities that most hiring manager looks for. They can be noun phrases (computer skills, crisis communications), action verbs (assessed, commissioned) or descriptive adjectives (energized, enthusiastic).

Let’s take a look at this example where a candidate describes a task he/she had to do during the previous job:

Example One: Incorrect

‘’I had to interview the visitors to see if they were satisfied with our service.’’

Let’s check the other example where another job seeker had the same roles and responsibilities but wrote the sentence in a different way:

Example Two: Correct

“Interviewed and obtained information on visitors’ satisfaction.”

The second example tells a hiring manager that a candidate is more skillful and professional because of the direct and engaging way of providing information. The reason is the keywords the second person used: interviewed, obtained.

How Important Is Keywords In A Resume?

When applying for a job position, you have to pass the Applicant Tracking Software systems first and then convince the company you are the right choice. You achieve this by including proper keywords in your resume. It is difficult to choose the right ones or know what the keywords are for the specific industry. That's why more people are hiring credible and top rated professional resume writing services in Denver CO to write their resume for them. Many resume writing services create resumes using powerful keywords that guarantee interviews. This is because their writers conduct thorough research of each industry and know the keywords hiring managers look for.

Different Types Of Keywords

Not every industry uses the same keywords. When writing your resume, research the company, industry and the job position you apply for to gather as much information as possible on the topics discussed among the members of that industry. Check for the words they use, how they convey the ideas or present information. Check the words that appear on the site of a company or job position listings under responsibilities and qualification sections.

An English teacher will not use terms such as “customer tracking system” or “order entry experience”. These are the keywords for a customer service representative job position.

Find A Local Resume Consultant To Help Write Your Resume:

Times change and so do the keywords used in resumes. What was once desirable nowadays is cliché. Different skills and different approaches are required. Be careful to use the keywords related to the job position you apply for and the action words that best describe your skills, achievements, qualities. This is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

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