Are Generic Resumes Good Or Bad?

Are Generic Resumes Good Or Bad?

Should you use a generic, one size fits all resume? You will find many arguments for a generic resume. One of those arguments that you can create a generic resume quickly. It is fast. It is simple. And most importantly – a lot of people seem to think that having a generic resume is effective and that it works.

But is this true?

Can you really make an impact with a hiring manager or a director with a generic, off-the-web resume? Here's what the most reputable professional resume writing service in Denver Colorado says about generic resumes.

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A Generic Resume: Yes or No?

The first thing a job hunter needs to understand when looking for a new job opportunity is that it’s very difficult to get your resume noticed. If you are applying for a job ad that’s been posted somewhere, on a job site or in the newspaper, then there are chances that a lot of other job seekers applied to that same job advertisement as well. Depending on where the job is located, that can be dozens, but also hundreds, if not thousands of other job seekers all eager to win the job interview.

Getting spotted in a sea of candidates is a challenge, for two reasons. First, many companies nowadays choose to employ an ATS (Applicant Tracking Software), to ease the burden of their hiring managers. These systems scan documents for relevant keywords and search phrases. Generic resumes are not keyword optimized and definitely not keyword focused.

As a result, your generic resume might never make it into the hands of the hiring manager.

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But even if it does – you’re destined to fail from the very get-go. You see, hiring managers rarely stick around with a resume for too long. They don’t have the time, they don’t have the patience. So you get, roughly, around six seconds to wow the hiring manager with the contents in your resume.

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Different Jobs Require Different Skills In Your Resume

Let’s just say – for the sake of argument – that you somehow managed to pass the ATS with a generic resume, and that the hiring manager even gave you a few extra seconds of his time to study the document – what will he see in there?

He’ll see generic words. Buzzwords, meaningless phrases that speak very little about you as a candidate, or how you would fit in a company or a team. Team player? Means nothing. Works well under pressure? Likewise. Generic resumes are full of these buzzwords and job hunters easily get trapped, thinking they will woo the hiring managers. You’re not fooling anybody.

Adding personal information, like where you graduated and what positions you held before applying, is beneficial, but will not suffice. Even information like these don’t tell the hiring managers enough about you as a professional. Match your qualifications to the job requirements. If you are applying to be a plumber, nobody cares that you volunteered at a local bakery. List only what’s relevant. And make sure you provide examples of your achievements. It’s not only about telling what you can do - it is about showing how it’s done, as well.

Generic Resumes Don't Get Positive Results

Generic resumes are poorly constructed, with paragraphs that are cookie-cutter and contain vague applicant information. No passion or zealous interest can be seen in them. You do not leave a strong impact on hiring manager and chances to get an interview or a job position are small. If you struggle with writing your resume that will be impactful, standing out and showing the best of you, you can always turn to resume writing professionals and let them help you get the high quality resume that meets the requirements of the job position you apply for.

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