Reasons Why Some Resumes Get Accepted & Others Get Rejected

Reasons Why Some Resumes Get A Accepted & Why Other Resumes Get Rejected

Hiring managers have become stricter when choosing new employees to call in for job interviews. With so many job seeking professionals, Talent Acquisition Recruiters rely heavily on software systems to comb through thousands of resumes that filters out great resumes from poor resumes. Hiring Managers only interview those candidates who are suitable for the position based on the proper keywords placed in the resume. Find a legitimate, established, reputable, and high-quality producing professional resume writing company in Denver Colorado to help you.

A well-written resume is essential for the job hunting journey. That’s why we decided to help you know the difference between a well-written resume from a poorly written resume and the reasons why some resumes get accepted and why most resumes get rejected by companies.

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Generic Resumes vs Targeted Resumes

Most professionals write a single resume and use it for different job positions. That’s one of the most common mistakes. Each job requires a different set of skills and experiences. A job seeker must tailor and adjust a resume for the desired job position, highlighting required skills and experiences, using the right keywords and terminology. Including irrelevant information filters your resume out, not only by the company’s software systems, but also disappoints hiring managers and they do not have interest in meeting such a candidate.

It’s vital for you to invest some time and money while writing your resume. Get more information about the company, check the right terminology and study in detail the job description - it provides a lot of helpful information you can use while writing your resume.

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Keyword Focused vs Templated Resumes

The problem with templated resumes is that many job applicants rely on them, so a hiring manager sees hundreds of resumes that were built using a cheap, free, online resume building software. What your resume should do for you is make you stand out from the crowd. Using the right keywords helps you pass a company’s Applicant Tracking Software system.

When a hiring manager sees you’ve invested some time in tailoring your resume for the job position, it makes you different from the other applicants and worth granting an interview. If you're asking yourself, "Who Is The Best Resume Writing Professionals In Denver Colorado?".

Resumes That Lack Relevant Content/Experience

Lacking relevant experience for the applied position doesn’t bring much hope. Still, it should not discourage you. It’s important to highlight skills and experience you gained during education years and volunteer work. It doesn’t necessarily have to be job experience, per se.

Some skills, relevant for a job position you apply for can be obtained in the other ways, not only by working in an office somewhere.

Properly Keyword Optimized Resume vs A Resume That Lacks Proper Search Terms

As mentioned before, the ATS is based on keywords, search terms, search phrases, abbreviations, and even acronyms. A lack of these in your resumes filters you out and a hiring manager has no chance of reading your resume or becoming interested in meeting you in person.

Your skills and experience may make you the best candidate for the job position, but the lack of the right terms and keywords gives you no chance of impressing a hiring manager and getting an interview, where you can show your professionalism and motivation. Industries use different keywords and phrases. A foreign language teacher cannot have the same resume as a translator, even though he/she can do both jobs. Make sure you use a job position related keywords to highlight your skills and experience.

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Resumes That Are Missing Metrics vs Resumes That Showcase Accolades

Hiring managers are crazy in love professionally written resumes which include metrics and accolades! You may have achieved immense success, awards and praise, but if there are no metrics that prove that, a hiring manager will just go through the information and forget about it. All applicants state what they achieved, but not everyone provides a concrete example. These examples help hiring managers see how you achieved positive and successful results.

They gain information on your working style and methods. Stating only how much money you brought to your company does not tell them anything except you are showing yourself off. Having an example leaves a better impression since you’ve provided a proof of your success and the way how you achieved it.

Not every resume is a good resume. In such a competitive market, it’s vital to stand out from the crowd. A resume is the first step towards employment, so make sure you write an impressive one. We hope this article will help you avoid common mistakes, so you improve your chances of having an interview and finally, getting that desired job.

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