Will I Land More Interviews By Hiring A Professional Resume Writing Service?

Will I Land More Interviews By Hiring A Professional Resume Writing Service?

Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts, stated that only 2 percent of job seekers make it to the interview, while the remaining 98 percent are eliminated at the initial resume screening. Meeting strict hiring managers’ requirements has become troublesome for many job seekers, so they turn to Denver Colorado's best professional resume writing service for assistance to help resumes pass companies Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and impress hiring managers.

Colorado Best Resume Preparation Help Service. Land More Job Interviews With Professional Resume Help.

In this article, we’ll discuss why hiring a high-quality producing professional resume writer brings more interviews and how it helps avoid being a part of depressive statistics.

Why Most Resumes Don’t Land Job Interviews

A lack of experience in writing award-winning quality resumes is one of the reasons job candidates don’t land interviews. Many underemployed or unemployed professionals with sufficient or extra work experience fail to get a chance for an interview due to their generic resumes.

Why Targeted Resumes Are Best To Land Interviews

Each job position requires different sets of keywords and phrases. Using the same resume for different positions is something to avoid. Investing some time in creating a resume for a desired job brings better results. Be extra wary of keywords. The ATS uses them to filter unsatisfactory resumes. Grammar and spelling mistakes are also often found and no ATS will recognize them. They’ll just render the resume as invalid. Hiring managers generally have low tolerance for typos as well, as they see it as a lack of meticulousness. Many candidates tend to apply for a job they are not qualified for, or write irrelevant information in a resume, which makes them not worth meeting.

Why Hiring A Top-Rated Professional Resume Service Lands More Interviews

Not everyone has a talent for writing. That’s why some people spend years educating themselves to become professionals and provide their service to those who need it. Colorado’s Advanced Professional Resume Writing Services are experienced professionals who are always up-to-date with the latest trends and hiring managers’ requirements. They tailor resumes for a job position a candidate wants to apply for, making sure it is unique, so when hiring managers see a resume, they want to meet the candidate.

How Can A Professional Resume Writing Service In Denver Colorado Help?

Having written thousands of resumes, they know exactly what an excellent resume looks like. All they need is your detailed background and the job position you want to apply for.

An award-winning certified professional resume writer will:

  1. Have a detailed interview: They will gather information about your education, experience, goals and desires, hard skills, soft skills, and core competencies. A resume writer will schedule an in-person interview or an interview via phone or Skype. It is important to know as much about a candidate as possible to write an impressive resume that gets interview results.

  2. Choose the right format: Once they get all the necessary information, they will choose the right format and layout, depending on the job position.

  3. Highlight the relevant information: It’s a mistake to write everything in details, or to mention irrelevant experience for the job you want. Mentioning only what is relevant is essential to avoid wasting a hiring manager’s time.

  4. Use the right keywords and phrases for the job position: A person working in education and the one in the fashion industry cannot use the same keywords in their resumes. When a resume writer knows what job position you apply for, he/she knows which ones to use, to make sure you pass the ATS.

  5. Write a unique resume that stands out from other resumes: Your resume must stand out, convince a hiring manager that you are a candidate worth meeting and devoting time.

What Resume Company In Colorado Has The Highest Positive Customer Ratings?

Is hiring a professional resume writer a smart decision? To avoid falling into a 98 percent group, it is not only a smart decision, but also a good investment for your future. But, before you hire one of them, make sure to do a thorough research to find the best one. Avoid going for the cheaper resume factories, because the quality you will get is not the one hiring managers look for.

Make sure to look for the best rated resume writing services in Colorado or your nearby area. Having an interview with your writer is the best option, but do not hesitate to go further. In a case your area doesn’t have any excellent resume writers, a phone or Skype interview will suffice as well.

Advance Your Career By Advancing Your Resume

Job hunting and resume writing are not an easy task. In such a competitive market, it is important to be different, and the first step towards it is your resume. Hiring a professional is a smart decision if you struggle with your resume writing. Locate local resume writing services in Denver Colorado and let professionals do the job for you.


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