Why Adding Too Many Soft Skills In A Resume Will Get it Rejected

Before a resume even reaches the hiring managers desk, it first goes through the companies Applicant Tracking Software system to filter out resumes. Seeking career advancement or even just job interviews, more people are hiring Colorado's largest and top rated resume writing professionals.

For the resumes that do pass the companies software filtration systems, hiring managers spend less than 6 seconds reading a resume.

Within this time, a hiring manager decides whether to call in a candidate for an interview or not. Listing more of what’s necessary gives a let-me-show-off-myself image, which annoys every hiring manager. The key to impress them and make them want to meet you is to have a resume that has a perfect balance of hard skills and soft skills.

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What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills refer to personal traits, non-technical abilities and less specialized skills. They can help an individual have a better relationship with coworkers, clients and people surrounding him/her. A doctor might be able to diagnose and provide the appropriate treatment for a patient’s disease, but his/her lack of empathy and compassion might not make him/her a good doctor.

Some of the soft skills include communication, teamwork, ability to work under pressure, responsibility, flexibility, problem solving, work ethic, etc. Soft skills are important for healthy working environment, and having these boosts a candidate’s chances for job landing.

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What Are Hard Skills?

Contrary to soft skills, hard skills are those that are teachable, can be easily measured and defined. They are the expertise needed for an individual’s successful job performance. To acquire hard skills, one must go through training and formal education. Hard skills include computer programming, analysis, banking, design, teaching, research, translation, writing, etc. To apply for any job, one must possess hard skills. They are required and listed in a job posting.

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How Do Hiring Managers View Soft Skills Versus Hard Skills?

Hiring managers look for hard skills during the hiring process. They are a must when applying for a job, and they are listed in the job posting. Hiring managers do not ignore soft skills, they are desirable because they are difficult to acquire and having these make a candidate more suitable for a job.

Why You Should Focus Your Resume On Hard Skills

According to the 2015 workforce study, 55 percent of hiring managers stated that they prioritize hard skills over soft skills. Hard skills reveal a level of your professionalism and qualification for an applied job position. Since most of the hiring managers rely on the ATS, which is based on keywords and hard skills, it is difficult to pass it unless a candidate has required skills. Focusing on soft skills more than on hard skills might lessen the chances for passing the ATS or a candidate’s chances for an interview.

When Should You Hire A High Quality Professional Resume Writing Company?

Reaching the soft-skills-hard-skills balance might be tricky for those who haven’t had much experience in resume writing. With too many candidates applying for one job position, it is extremely difficult to get a chance for an interview. One must be sure to use the right keywords, phrases and list one’s set of skills in an appropriate way to both pass the ATS and impress the hiring manager.

Many people nowadays turn to Denver Colorado's best professional resume writing service to get the best possible resume that will present their professionalism, motivation and qualification for a job. They are experts in resume writing, they are familiar with the latest news and updates in each industry and know what hiring managers look for. Professional resume writers know how to achieve perfect balance and highlight your soft skills needed for a job position you apply for.


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