Why Are Infographic Resumes Becoming So Popular?

To have a black and white or colored resume is no longer a question. They are both still acceptable and popular. However, a new trend in the job application process has emerged - an infographic resume. In this article, you will find out more about this type of a resume and why more and more job hunters use it for self-advertising.

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What Are Infographic Resumes?

Every job seeker looks for ways to stand out from the crowd. The first step they make is having a unique resume. Before we have a chance to impress hiring managers with our skills and achievements, we must catch their eye with the uniqueness of our resume. To achieve this, people started using the infographic resume, a resume that includes visual storytelling. These resumes engage hiring managers and get positive attention. See examples of professionally designed infographic resume.

According to Techopedia, an infographic takes information in numerical form or in text and creates a combination of text and images so a viewer can grasp the most important information.

Do Employers Expect An Infographic Resume?

Employers and hiring managers don’t have time to read piles of resumes they receive. If they can learn more about a candidate without much reading, they would love to. Everyone likes surprises and seeing a unique resume will give them a break and thus improve your chances for landing an interview.

Though, you must be careful about these resumes since some hiring managers are still ‘’old school’’ and they prefer the classic form of a resume. It all depends on the field you want to work in.

When Should I Have An Infographic Resume?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, an infographic resume is one of the best ways. The brain responds faster to visual content and amongst hundreds of word documents, having your experience, achievements and skills visually presented is an excellent way to get attention.

Not only do infographic resumes advertise graphic designers and other creatives, but they can be used to demonstrate the skills of branding expertise and marketing, social media trends knowledge, presentation and writing skills.

Before deciding to use an infographic resume next time you apply for a job position, make sure to learn how to properly make one. Otherwise, the attempt to impress might end up as disappointment.

Looking for a job in communications, PR, advertising, marketing, etc? Go and get your infographic resume. You can reach out to Colorado best resume writing professionals to get the high-quality infographic resume.

When Should I NOT Submit An Infographic Resume?

As mentioned before, there are still some professionals and companies that like to stick to the old ways. They are used to categorizing and scanning received resumes in their ways and are not willing to change that.

It might be well accepted by creative industries, but the finance and industries alike stick to the old ways. What they want is professional and by professional they mean black and white and thoroughly crafted paragraphs to their standards. To be sure their resumes meet the expectations of such employers, many individuals turn to the most popular and best rated resume writing professionals in Denver Colorado when they need to have an outstanding and meticulously written resume.

When applying for a job online, keep in mind that infographic resumes don’t work due to the formatting options and set of fields.

Whether you need a classic resume or an infographic one, make sure to invest your time in its crafting to get the best possible resume for the best outcome, or turn to those who can do it for you. Getting a chance for a job in today’s market is quite difficult. Do not be afraid to do all it takes to improve your chances.


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