How To Write A Resume When You're A Job Hopper?

Job hopping has become more popular, especially among young people. When applying for a job, job hoppers face many difficulties as employers consider them less reliable. Writing a resume with so many companies, one must wonder how to prove to employers that despite the frequent shifts in employment, he/she is skillful and qualified to do the job as efficiently as any other candidate.

What many employers fail to consider is that job hoppers have a range of skills and talents thanks to their frequent job shifts. In this article, we’ll discuss the best way of writing a job hopping resume. If necessary, you can always contact the best rated resume writing company in Aurora Colorado.

Combine Roles/Titles On Your Resume

In case you’ve been working for two companies within a year, a few months for each (5 months for one and 6 months for the other, for example) doing basically the same job, list only one company and state that you worked there for one year. List down all the roles and responsibilities you had and did at both companies.

Concentrate On Major Achievements

Hiring managers and employers love to see proof for every achievement. Being a job hopper doesn’t have to be a problem if a hiring manager only sees your excellent results with previous employers and how you helped their company grow.

When they see how you helped increase revenue, how many sales you made, or done anything that was required of you with great success, they will be more likely to see you as an employee who is capable of bringing them success despite your job hopping career.

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Make Sure To Have At Least 5-8 Bullet Points Under Each Job With Great Success

When listing your achievements under each job, make sure to include only the relevant ones for the job position you are applying for. Irrelevant information or lack of content draws attention to the number of jobs you’ve had. Having great successes listed under each job, at least five to eight of them, tell how skillful and talented you are and why you are the best candidate for the job. Listing those achievements in bullet points is important as it is easier for hiring managers to get the most important information, but it also keeps the dates of employment from standing out in your resume.

Include No More Than 5-6 Jobs Total On Your Resume

No matter how many jobs you did in your career, listing more than six jobs on your resume will have hiring managers paying extra attention to your job hopping.

Combining roles and titles will help, but so will avoiding jobs you did more than a decade ago. Five to six job titles with all achievements and success will cover the last decade of your career. All that had happened before might not be up to date with the latest skills and technologies, required for performing the job. It is difficult to choose the most important ones in your career when writing a resume. Many people turn to professional resume writing services in Colorado that help write interview-winning resumes for job hoppers.

Slightly Stretch Out The Years Of Employment With Each Employer

There is a debate over the question whether to write months on a resume or not. As it is not relevant information to many hiring managers, feel free to only include employment years and not months on a resume.

You might have worked for a company a few months during one year and continued for a few more in the next one (from April 4th 2016 to January 1st 2017 for example), but having too many numbers is distracting hiring managers from the relevant information, your skills and qualifications. As they don’t spend much time reading a resume, you must catch their attention by emphasizing what they are looking for.

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