How To Show Career Progression In A Resume

Working for a company for many years and changing job positions from the lower to the higher one is something to be proud of. But it usually causes lots of problems when one decides to change the job and look for something else. How to show your career progression in a resume becomes a challenge and many people get stuck when writing their resume.

To get a resume of a high-quality that impresses hiring managers, many people seek help from professional resume writers in Denver Colorado and ask for advice on how to highlight their career progression in a resume. In this article, you can learn how to list your job positions and the achievements you made and have your resume stand out, not only with its content, but also its form.

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Why is It Important To Show Career Progression On A Resume?

Not everyone manages to advance their career (for example, from customer service representative to customer service manager to director of customer service). When something like this happens in your career, it is worth mentioning, it is a must. Seeing how much you’ve achieved, hiring managers know your potential, ambition that drives you and how capable you are of further professional growth, but also the growth of their company with you in their team. They are always in a search of such individuals.

What Do Employers Want To See On A Resume?

The largest and best professional resume writing services in Denver, Colorado are always up-to-date with the latest requirements and wishes of hiring managers. That’s how they know how to create an outstanding resume that will catch the eye of a hiring manager.

To help you write a resume like a professional, here are the things you have to know: whichever job you list on your resume, hiring managers crave for metrics that show your achievements. They are not that much interested in how much you worked for a company, but what you did and how you achieved something during that time. What they look for is how you helped your company save money and how much money was saved, earnings increased, etc.

That way, they know how much you can do for them and how you can help their companies grow. They know what they can expect from you and what you are capable of.

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How Should I Break Out & Showcase My Career Progression On My Resume?

When listing your accomplishments, it is important to present them professionally. If you present your career progression recklessly, it can only have a negative impact, showing you as a not that much of a professional candidate.

To showcase your career progression in a resume, make sure to break out each title and dates. Continue with including all the duties and accomplishments within each role. When listing duties, roles, accomplishments, responsibilities under each title, do it using bullet points. First list the highest position you have achieved, followed by the lower ones.

For Example:

Wal-Mart - Director of Store Merchandise - Denver, CO 2009 –Present

· Duties

· Responsibilities

· Roles

· Achievements/metrics

Wal-Mart - Customer Service Manager - Denver, CO 2002-2005

(bullet points with list of roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments)

Wal-Mart - Customer Service Rep - Denver, CO 1999-2002

(bullet points with list of roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments).

Be careful to keep your resume concise, containing only relevant information, without too many details. Write only information that is relevant to the job position you apply for and make sure to highlight newly acquired skills that are more than welcome for the job you want.

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