How Far Back Should You Go On Employment Dates On Your Resume?

Once you have reached a couple of decades in the working world, it becomes harder to list all of your job titles, responsibilities, roles, and achievements on your resume. If you do so, your resume ends up being three to four pages in length, which is something that hiring managers do not want to see. What they expect is a two page long, but very powerful resume.

The best rated resume professional services in Denver Colorado gather teams of experts who know the tricks on how to write an outstanding resume for those with more than a decade of working experience. Following the experts’ advice, here is an article to help you write a powerful resume without listing all jobs you’ve ever done.

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Reasons Why You Should NOT Go Back More Than 10-15 Years On Your Resume

The goal of your resume is to impress hiring managers with your achievements, skills, experience, and qualifications for the desired job and assure them that you are the right candidate for that job. If you list your entire career and details about it, your resume will not only be too long, but it will also blur qualifications and previous job positions that are related to the one you apply for.

Irrelevant experience, skills and qualifications will distract hiring managers from what they look for. They do not have much time to read everything you list, and not seeing what they look for might easily annoy them. That could result in your resume being rejected.

Hiring managers are interested in the recent years of your career, usually the last 3-7 years, so focus your resume on the latest achievements, job responsibilities, roles and newly acquired skills. It’s all about quality, not quantity. Do not cram. Keep your resume brief, but powerful.

Why Hiring Managers Really Only Care About The Last 3-7 Years Of Employment

Technology and new tools are reshaping every aspect of our life, and so does the business one, too. It’s going through a constant change and finding someone who is up to date becomes more and more difficult. Why they are interested in the last three to seven years of your experience is due to the new skills necessary for a job. Gone are the days of trying to write your own resume. Many job seekers are now consulting with the Denver Colorado's highest positive customer rated professional resume writing company, Expert Resume Pros.

Some people stick to the old ways, and what they need is someone who is willing to adapt or is already well familiar with the new ways. They want excellent performance and profit rise. They’re not willing to spend time and money training a new employee.

LinkedIn profiles are there to list all your work history, and detail about it as much as necessary. Once you catch their eye, they can check everything there.

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What Are Employers Looking For In My Resume?

Many job seekers fail in writing a resume of a high quality. They often make mistakes in listing too much of irrelevant information; experience that is of no use for the applied job positions, skills that are of no value. Lack of achievements and results make a resume poor and uninteresting. When writing a resume, make sure to list only information relevant for the job position you’re running for.

List skills, achievements, provide proofs of your excellent performance. Give them examples of how you solved a problem. They want to see how you perform in certain situations so they can get a better image of you and that way see do you fit the profile they look for. When in doubt, do what other people do and hire a reputable resume writing company located in Denver Colorado.

How To Showcase Your Most Relevant Skills On Your Resume?

A set of skills is what sells you best. It tells about how capable you are of performing a job. Each job position requires a different set of skills. Make sure to list only those that are job related. It is important to provide concrete examples for the listed skills, both hard and soft ones. Align your skills with the job requirements.

Use power words to express your skills, thus making them persuasive and forceful and that way making an impact on the reader. Listing benefits you provided to your previous employers is another way to highlight your skills. Give them numbers of the increased profits, money saved, reduced waste, etc. this shows new skills you acquired and how you grew into a more responsible and valuable professional.

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