Why Is Landing Job Interviews Becoming More Difficult?

Your job hunting process has started; you have a resume, you sent many applications, but still no calls. What’s the problem? People might tell you that it's just a competitive job market but that's not the right answer. The economy has been great since 2009 and employers are seeking talented job seekers to fill their open positions.

According to Denver Colorado's number one professional resume writers, Expert Resume Pros, "It is not only difficult to land a job nowadays, but being invited for an interview is getting worse each year". There are several reasons for such a situation, and this article answers some of the frequently asked questions from many job hunters.

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More Companies Are Using Software Systems To Filter Out Resumes

In the past, each company had several hiring managers, but nowadays the number has reduced. With the increased number of candidates, hiring managers try to save their time by using the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter out all resumes that don’t meet the requirements, resumes that contain grammar mistakes, lack proper keywords and search phrases.

Many job seekers don’t pay enough attention when writing a resume, so it gets filtered out by the system and never gets read by a hiring manager. No matter how qualified and experienced you are, if your resume doesn’t contain what the system is looking for, you don’t stand a chance.

Hiring Managers Are Placing More Weight On Detailed Resumes

Hiring managers hate when their time is wasted by unnecessary or irrelevant information. What they look for in a resume is a detailed description and information that is relevant for the applied job position. They want to see how experienced, qualified and professional you are by providing the examples of your success; which skills you possess that can help you perform the job exceptionally well so the company can grow with your contribution to it.

Many resumes they receive lack this information that they crave for. That's why more companies are recommending job seekers hire a credible resume writing company for resume help.

Most People Are Not Professional Resume Experts - But Still Try & Write Their Own Resume

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but once you start writing a resume, it gets troublesome. Still, you try. Generic resumes that can be found online seem like a good idea, but it’s the worst thing that can happen to you. Hiring managers receive hundreds of generic resumes; almost all of them look the same. There is no chance to stand out from the crowd and make a hiring manager want to meet you because your resume doesn’t impress them.

The reason why professional resume writers in Colorado help career seekers land so many interviews is because their resumes are targeted. They tailor each one specifically for the job position a candidate wants to apply for. They know what needs to be highlighted, which information is relevant and what doesn’t need to be mentioned.

Job Seekers Do Not Do Market Analysis Or Industry Research For Their Resume

Researching the industry or doing a market analysis is what only a few candidates do, and they are those who make it to the interview. You must be familiar with all the news and changes in order to know what needs focus in your resume.

This is one more reason why best rated resume writing professionals in Colorado are so successful. They are up to date with all that is happening in each industry and job market. It helps them tailor a high quality resume that stands out and convinces a hiring manager that the candidate is worth meeting.

Social Media Accounts Leave Bad Impression

Once a hiring manager sees a resume, the chances are great that he/she will reseach the candidate on social media. Having a messy account with inappropriate content might cost you an interview. It’s important to be professional even on your social media profiles. Be careful about your posts.

Hiring Managers Perceive You As Underqualified Due To Your Poorly Written Resume

It often happens that hiring managers after reading a resume find the candidate under qualified. But what also happens is that many candidates who are overqualified apply for a job as well. Having someone who has more than required means they deserve a better salary than the company is ready to provide.

The market is increasing, and with it - the competition. Staying ahead of the curve means knowing what hiring managers want to see and even more importantly - how they want to see it. A resume thus plays a vital part in your job hunting efforts - do not take it lightly.


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