7 Tips To Writing An Interview-Winning Resume

Job hunting in times of a highly competitive market can become pretty stressful at the very first stage - writing the resume. As your marketing tool, you have to impress and stun hiring managers, in order to be invited for an interview and get a job. Not an easy task at all, especially for those with less writing talent.

In this article, we share the tips about hiring professional resume writers in Denver Colorado in order to get an interview-winning resume.

1. Do NOT Use A Free Online Resume Template To Build A Resume

What makes a candidate stand out from the crowd is his/her resume. Before having a chance to impress hiring managers in person, you have to do it on paper. The biggest mistake job seekers make is taking online resume templates, filling in the information and sending it, with minimum time invested.

Why is it wrong? Hiring managers will receive thousands of such resumes, go through them quickly and see nothing worth attention or eye catchy. Everything is almost the same. Invest time, a lot of time, when writing your resume. Show hiring managers that you care. That makes you stand out from the pile. That's why large firms recommend using a top rated and high quality resume writing service.

2. Develop A Resume Focused On Hard Skills

Soft skills are important. They can enhance your performance and make your job way easier. The problem with soft skills is that they cannot be easily measured and they are hard to quantify. What hiring managers look for are hard skills, those that make you qualified for the job. They are acquired through studying, training or work. They are easier to quantify and hiring managers are more interested in this set of skills than your ability to work under pressure, be a good team player, patient and motivated.

3. Create An Achievement Based Resume & Not A Roles Based Resume

Hiring managers want to see the results of your previous work. Your roles do matter, but what matters more is the outcome of your actions. Highlight your achievements. Use action verbs when writing about your work experience. Use the PAR method (Problem- Action- Result) to present the problems you faced at work, the actions you took to solve them and the results of those actions.

4. Make Your Resume Keyword Optimized

The lack of keywords in a resume is another common mistake. Most of the companies use the Applicant Tracking System to filter out resumes that don’t meet the basic requirements. The ATS is based on keywords and search phrases. No matter how impressive your experience and qualifications are, the system will not recognize them. Make sure to optimize your resume with the right keywords to impress the ATS first, and then you’ll have a chance to impress the hiring manager.

5. Stay Away From Resume Writing Mills/Factories That Build Generic Low Quality Resumes

Many job seekers fall into a trap called resume writing mills. Those factories produce low quality resumes and are more concerned about the quantity of written resumes than their quality. Make sure to search for reviews and hire only top rated resume writing services in Denver CO to be sure to get an outstanding and impressive resume.

6. Ensure Your Resume Has Lots & Lots Of Metrics

As discussed earlier in the article, hiring managers are crazy to see your achievements. What you can do while writing about these is to provide an example for each. Did you help your company save money? Increase profit? How much? Give them numbers. Seeing your achievements in numbers helps them better understand what they can expect from you and how you can help their company grow.

7. Hire A High-Quality & Reputable Professional Resume Writing Service

For all those who have difficulty creating their resume, do not stress out. You can always turn to and get help from Colorado best professional resume writers in your resume creating process. It is a good investment in your future, and you can be sure you’ll get the best possible resume that will present you as a qualified, motivated and professional candidate, one of the best for the desired position.

You can be sure your resume will be error free, highlighting the most relevant information for the job you apply for. You will get a resume that will not pass unnoticed by hiring managers.


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