What Is The Most Popular Type Of Resume To Submit To Employers?

Writing a resume is a tough task to do, especially when there are so many types and you have no idea which one hiring managers want to see. What we know is that they hate to see generic resumes, but how to choose from the remaining ones? To help you out with this question, our local Denver Colorado resume writers help you write the best resume by sharing their advice.

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What Is The Most Required, Accepted & Widely Used Resume?

The type of a resume that will not be rejected by any hiring manager, if written appropriately and in a high quality, is a combination of a targeted and chronological resume. Hiring managers get the information about your work history and whether or not you have the necessary skills for the applied position. This type is the best one for those with some career and experience, while those less experienced, or about to enter the job market, might consider some other types.

Combining these two is a great match - use the information from the chronological resume and highlight the relevant skills and previous work experience that can help you perform the new job better. Get help from resume writing professionals in Colorado to help you tailor a combined resume if you have trouble doing it yourself.

What Information Do Employers Require In My Chronological Resume?

The chronological resume is the simplest resume type to write. This fact-based resume helps hiring managers quickly get information about the candidate’s experience, qualifications and set of skills. It lists work history beginning with the most recent job position and goes backwards. This type of resume includes personal details, objectives, work experience, education and references.

What Is A Targeted Resume & Why Does It Land The Most Job Interviews?

Targeted resume is tailored for a specific job. This type is used when a candidate is well familiar with the position responsibilities. It requires quite some time to be tailored, but is definitely worth it; it shows hiring managers how interested and passionate you are about the desired position. You invested some time to highlight the relevant skills and experience for the job and helped managers save their time; they don’t have to spot them in a pile of irrelevant or less necessary information.

What If I Don't Have Much Experience?

If you have just started your job hunting journey or are a newbie, the functional resume might work best for you. This type of resume emphasizes skills and experience, rather that work history. This way, you can show hiring managers that you are qualified for the job despite the lack or little experience. Put your accomplishments and experience you have obtained over the years at the top of your resume. This will help you grasp a hiring manager’s attention and get them interested in you, so the lack of experience will not matter much.

Should I Add Pictures, Images, Or Color In My Resume To Make It Stand Out?

Standing out from the pile becomes harder and harder. But still, there is a way to make it work, and yet show off your creativity and talent. Infographic resumes combine a text that tells about the qualifications, experience and skills, and a design, layout and color to organize the text. This one is becoming more and more popular, but overdoing it can ruin the effect. If you’re not sure how to create it, reach out for help to get your resume created by expert resume writers in Colorado.

One Major Resume Tip To Help Impress Hiring Managers

Even when there are no new job openings, hiring managers are always willing to give a chance to job seekers who manage to impress them. If you are new to the workforce or a high level executive, hire the best resume service in Colorado. Only executive level resume writers in Denver CO understand why more job seekers land interviews, while others fail to land job interviews.


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