Do Hiring Managers Expect To See A Cover Letter?

There is no rule when it comes to cover letters- some hiring managers do not require it, but still expect to see them. Others specify in the job ad whether they expect it or not. The third group doesn’t even read those that they received. But a cover letter has its many pros so the best rated resume writing professionals in Aurora Colorado strongly recommend submitting one even if employers do not require them.

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This article helps you learn more about what a cover letter is and why you should always submit a cover letter; even if employers do not require it.

If Most Employers Don't Read A Cover Letter, Why Still Submit One?

Even if employers do not require a cover letter, candidates should always submit one. By doing so, candidates increase their chances for a job interview. The more documents a candidate uploads, a company’s software filtration system reads more text and content. The more keywords the company’s ATS can read, the higher the score of a job seeker. Those with the higher score are on the top of the call-in-for-an-interview list.

Why You Should Keyword Optimize Your Cover Letter?

The reason why you should keyword optimize your cover letter is the same reason your resume should be keyword optimized. When a companies software system reads your cover letter, if it lacks keywords, it will be filtered out. Having no cover letter or a cover letter without keywords is the same. After reading a cover letter and a resume, company’s software systems gives a score to a job seeker.

Keyword optimized cover letters get better results and the higher the score, the better chances for an interview.

How Many Bullet Points Should Be Incorporated In The Cover Letter?

Bullet points are used to highlight skills, achievements, qualifications, and experience that match the job description. Even if a hiring manager skips or skims the introductory paragraph, bullet points will catch their attention.

Listing too many bullet points in a cover letter might have a negative effect. Make sure to add four to six bullet points for the skills, experience and qualifications that are closely related to the job you are applying for. No matter how impressive some other information is, if not related to the job, it should not be mentioned.

If in doubt of what needs to be highlighted or which keywords to use, consult the best professional resume writers in Lakewood Colorado to get advice on writing a cover letter.

How Long Should A Cover Letter Be?

Cover letters should not be longer than one page. It has to be concise and divided into three paragraphs: the first paragraph to state the reasons for writing; the second one to highlight qualifications, skills and experience; the third one as a closing paragraph to express gratitude for consideration. It can even be shorter, but not longer than one page.

Is A Cover Letters Format Important?

Readability plays an enormous role in a decision making. Just like a resume, a cover letter has to be visually appealing to a reader in order to catch his/her attention. Choose a legible font (Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Calibri) in a font size that is readable (about 10.5-12 points). Make sure to have one inch margin size on all sides and have a text aligned to the left.

Why Some Hiring Managers Still Require A Cover Letter?

Those who still expect to see a cover letter, with or without specifying it in a job ad, do it for several reasons:

  1. They get a better insight into a candidate’s personality.

  2. Helps them see if a candidate fits their company culture.

  3. A candidate has a chance to highlight communication skills.

  4. They see how truly a candidate is interested in their company.

Have Your Cover Letter Written By A Professional Executive Resume Writing Company!

Cover letters that contain grammar mistakes or lack the keywords might be filtered out by the system. It has to be as meticulously written as your resume. Have a resume writer in Colorado review your resume for free. If you find it difficult to write one, don’t hesitate to contact local professional resume writers in Colorado Springs Colorado to help you write a cover letter.

If your cover letter doesn’t engage a reader, then it is useless.

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