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Federal resumes for! We write powerful resumes that land interviews! Federal Resume Example - $349


We create, write, and develop Federal resumes that pass strict Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems. Do NOT use an ordinary resume for Federal jobs.


Keyword Optimized For Federal Jobs uses a strict software screening system that scans and filters millions of resumes a year. We ensure your resume contains proper keywords that bypass the governments rigorous application process so that you land federal job interviews.


ATS compatible For

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) is a software system that the federal government uses to scan and filter resumes. The moment you submit your resume to a federal job application, an ATS system is scanning your resume. We are the only resume company in Colorado that has the ATS software to guarantee your resume passes ATS scan.


Senior Federal Writers & Editors

We only employ Senior Federal Resume Writers that have over 10 years federal level writing experience. Our resume engineers are the most highly sought after in the industry due to their unmatched skill-sets and experience.


Page Length

Federal resumes must be between 3-6 pages in length to meet and exceed the federal governments guidelines. A normal/regular resume is 1-2 pages max but a federal resume goes through a tougher software scanning process and must include a lot more keywords and information.


Color On A Resume does not tolerate color on a resume as color cannot be scanned and interpreted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Systems are designed to read and process text heavy content. Stay away from color on a Federal resume.


Metric ($%$%)

Federal hiring managers & human resource professionals crave to see your metrics. Metrics are quantitative achievements you have that shows how you increased revenue, drove sales, decreased expenses, streamlined operations, etc. Everyone in every position, has metrics. We'll pull those out during your interview with our Senior Federal Resume Writers.



Nobody wants to read a plain text resume! Creating an eye-candy resume requires the use of larger size fonts, bold fonts, and underlined fonts. Font choices can make or break your chances for a job interview.


How Are We Rated #1 On Google?


We have more positive customers reviews than any other resume writing company in the entire state of Colorado, we have the highest interview success rate (93.4%), we're the only company in CO that has the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), and we have a 45 Day Money-back Guarantee.

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