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Specialized Infographic Resume Writers in Colorado

Infograpic Resume Examples

New Age, State-of-the Art Resumes


We create state-of-the-art Infographic resumes that employers will be impressed with!

Stunning Infographic Resumes / $79


Infographic resumes are the next evolutionary step in resume writing, and as a professional resume writing company, we are proud to say we can offer creative, engaging, & appealing infographic professional resumes.

Expertly Designed Infographic Resumes in Colorado

What Is An Infographic Resume?

Infographic Resume is a style of resume that is designed using graphics, photos, images, tables, charts, & colors. They are visually appealing and eye-catching. Most employers have never seen an Infographic Resume.

Colorado Leaders in Infographic Resume Design

Who Should Have An Infographic Resume?

Any career seeker that wants to stand out from all boring resumes that Hiring Managers & companies see on a daily basis. Whether you are fresh out of high school and want to put you best foot forward, or a Senior Executive that employers expect to rise above the rest.

Colorful Infographic Resumes Crafted in Colorado

When Do You Submit An Infographic Resume?

Only email or hand deliver an Infographic Resume AFTER you have already landed the job interview with your standard/regular resume. Infographic resumes are not ATS or content heavy so they do not pass companies software screening systems. Make sure you use the regular keyword and ATS optimized resume we create for you first, land the interview, then email/hand deliver the Infographic Resume last.

Modern Infographic Resumes Designed in Colorado

Do I Need To Have A Professional Headshot Photo Taken?

No...but it helps if you have a professionally taken headshot photo to incorporate on your Infographic Resume.

Colorado's Choice for Infographic Resume Creation

What Formats Will I Receive My Infographic Resume In?

JPG & PDF formats. Infographic Resumes are massive in size and are created using AdobePro software. Our Infographic Design Team have extensive knowledge in crafting the best marketing document to showcase our clients most influential core competencies. 


How Are We Rated #1 On Google?


We have more positive customers reviews than any other resume writing company in the entire state of Colorado, we have the highest interview success rate (93.4%), we're the only company in CO that has the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), and we have a 45 Day Money-back Guarantee.

Need help to decide?

Chat with us online, give us a call, or send us an email. We respond to emails and return phone calls within 1 hour or less. Or, chat with our live rep to get immediate assistance. We are OPEN 7 DAYS a week.

Denver-Based Infographic Resume Experts
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