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Military-Veterans Resume Writing Service


After 35 years of creating quality job-winning Professional Resumes for Military Veterans transitioning to civilian jobs, Expert Resume Pros is your go-to resume writing service for your next civilian job application. Whether you are about to get out of the Military or are already out, you need a resume that showcases your abilities and accomplishments as a Military Veteran in a way that makes you stand out as a civilian. We have been doing this for years, and you could be the next in line to benefit from our professional resume services.


We have a team of Senior Certified Military-to-civilian Resume Writers that works closely with the various military ranks and pay grades, understanding that ranks are more than just who salutes who in the military. With this in mind, we know you have excellent skills and experience that the workforce needs beyond your military duties. And after serving your country, it's now time to let us serve you as you prepare for your next mission. We have created thousands of professional resumes for Veterans from all Military Branches, including U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, The National Guard, U.S. Space Force Veterans, and Reservists.


We have the best Senior Certified Military-To-Civilian Resume Writers who will expertly transform your military experience, skills, and accomplishments into a compelling civilian resume to intrigue hiring managers as you seek your next job outside the military. They are all certified and accredited by PARW, and we have a 45-day interview guarantee failure to which you will get your money back. In fact, if you’re seeking a federal job, we’ll couple that up by creating a federal resume which has very distinct features for federal job applications.


A resume that puts your abilities and achievements into perspective is an invaluable tool when applying for a civilian job. We understand that it can feel like an uphill task to get yourself out there once again, and that’s why we put down your expertise and experience meticulously to show the relevance of your skills in the civilian world.

Resume Writers For Veterans Denver CO

We've Written Thousands Of Resumes For Military-to-civilian Job Seekers


U.S. Air Force


U.S. Marine Corps


U.S. Space Force


U.S. Army


U.S. Coast Guard


U.S. Navy




The National Guard



Here's 5 tips to write a successful Military-To-Civilian resume:

Hire A Military Veterans Resume Writer

In a competitive job market, writing an excellent military transition resume may not be enough. A military veteran's resume is different in style as it focuses on your most relevant expertise for the job you are applying for. Our Senior Military-to-civilian Resume Writers effectively document your achievements as a service member in a resume that transitions you seamlessly into the civilian sector.

Make Resume ATS & Keyword Optimized

Due to the increased competition for job positions, hiring managers now use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to determine the most suitable candidates. And as a military veteran, you’re not spared. Your resume must show how you are qualified for the job inverting your military skills to match relevant real-world talents and incorporating industry-related keywords to get through the ATS. As the only resume writing service in Colorado with an ATS software, we guarantee that your resume will land in the hands of recruiters.

Understanding Industry Terms

You only have a few seconds to make your case as the best candidate for the job. So complex military terms won’t soften the recruiter's resolve. However, showing you understand the industry and the job you are applying for using key industry terms is crucial. We help you substitute military terms with industry-related equivalents to put you and the recruiter on the same page and get you hired.

Military-To-Civilian Industry Criteria

No matter how much experience you have gained from the military and the industry you're looking to work in, your resume must always be tailored for the specific job position you're applying for. Some of your skills may be useful for the job, and you just need to leverage them to fit the job description. Some of them, not so much. Let’s help you craft a relevant resume that gets you hired.

Keep Your Resume Concise

Regardless of the position you are applying for, there are probably thousands of other applicants eyeing it too. Our Senior Military-to-civilian Resume Writers will help you keep your resume short and precise including only relevant accomplishments and skills based on your military experience.


Top keywords for a Military-To-Civilian resume


Supply Chain


Asset Management






Training & Development


Performance Appraisals


Risk Analysis


Conflict Resolution

Let our expert resume writers help you

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Resume Services For Military Veterans In Colorado Springs Colorado
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