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The Four Best Places to Post Your Resume (And Why)

You’ve created what you feel is a great resume.

The formatting is on point and you feel like you’ve done a great job at highlighting your most valuable skills and work experience. Sure, you’ll tweak that resume for the specific roles for which you apply. But right now, you just need to get it out there so that recruiters have a chance of seeing it.

In other words – you need to post it online.

But with dozens of resume hosting websites to choose from, you also need to know which places are the best in terms of getting eyes on you. That’s where this article comes in, as you’re about to discover the four best places to post your resume.

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Place 1 – Indeed

Sheer volume is the key advantage that Indeed brings to the table.

Created in 2004, it’s a truly international job posting and resume hosting website, as it serves 60 countries and attracts over 350 million unique visitors every month. As a candidate, you can upload your resume to the site to give recruiters a chance to discover you. Plus, you can search for specific roles – broken down by job titles, keywords, company names, and locations – so you can send tailored resumes for the jobs that are most attractive to you.

The only downside is simple – you face a lot of competition.

At any given time, Indeed hosts about 150 million resumes. However, that volume of competition is just a symptom of the platform’s size. As one of the largest job sites in the world, it’s a must-have when it comes to places to host your resume.

Place 2 – Monster

Monster may not attract the same level of visitors as Indeed, with SEMRush reporting that it received 7.52 million visitors in November 2023, but it’s still a good choice for resume hosting.

The keys are its low cost and the availability of a pair of mobile apps. Recruiters pay as little as $12 per day to upload jobs and hire candidates, making the site an attractive prospect to hiring managers. That’s good news for you as a job hunter because the low cost is an incentive for these hiring managers to spend more time on the site. More time equals a higher chance of them discovering your resume or posting a job that interests you.

As for the mobile apps, they’re available for iOS and Android, providing recruiters with mobility in their search for candidates. Again, that’s great news for you. If a hiring manager can check your resume on the go, you’re spending less time sitting around waiting for an outcome.

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Place 3 – Dice

Whereas Monster and Indeed take a “catch-all” approach by hosting jobs from practically every type of industry, Dice is more focused. It’s focused specifically on the tech industry, making it the resume hosting site of choice for programmers, artificial specialists, data scientists, and many more. Don’t assume that sticking to a single niche means that Dice doesn’t host a lot of jobs, either. At any point, there’ll usually be around 70,000 positions for which you can apply.

In short – anybody who has tech skills will find a site that’s tailored specifically to them.

That tailoring is also one of Dice’s biggest advantages. Beyond hosting your resume, it asks you to create a personal profile that highlights your skills and what you’re looking for out of a career. That information gets used to recommend roles restricted to your area and any other filters you apply, so you’re exposed to jobs that fit your exact criteria.

Granted, this tech focus means it’s not suitable for all candidates. Rather, it’s ideal for those in a specific industry who want to move their search away from job sites that might throw up dozens of roles that aren’t well-suited to them.

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Place 4 – Glassdoor

Transparency is Glassdoor’s biggest selling point.

Where most resume hosting sites essentially treat the companies placing job adverts as their customers, Glassdoor is tailored to the job hunter. Yes, companies still place ads and accept resumes from candidates. But as one of those candidates, you get access to a ton of information about the company that other places simply don’t offer.

You essentially receive a “portfolio” for every company you consider.

Within that portfolio are reviews left by previous applicants and employees, which help you to cut through the marketing speak that companies use in their job postings. After all, any company can claim to have a “cooperative work culture.” With Glassdoor, you can see if that’s actually true by getting information about the company directly from people who’ve worked for it.

It’s a popular site, too, since Glassdoor boasts 57 million unique users per month. While that’s only a seventh of Indeed, it’s still a sizeable enough volume for job hunters.

Put Your Resume Where People Will See It

In creating this list of the four best places to host a resume, there are a few choices that were cut. LinkedIn is an obvious one – the social media site is great for recruiters but is as much about building connections as it is about hosting resumes. Job sites that are similar to Indeed and Monster – such as Career Builder – are also good choices.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt to spread your resume posting wings beyond the four places mentioned here.

But these specific four were chosen because they all offer something specific. Indeed has pure volume while Monster offers mobility and an attractive prospect for recruiters. Dice (and niche-based sites like it) target a specific audience. And with Glassdoor, you get a site that tells you more about companies than they may tell you in their job listings.

All are great choices for hosting your resume. You just need to construct that resume, if you haven’t already. With Expert Resume Pros, you work with a team of top resume writers in Denver with over 35 years of experience. With us, we’ll write you a perfect looking resume that looks great in all four of these job boards that lands you an interview within 45 days or you get your money back.

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