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Applying for Jobs? Here Are the Best Websites to Upload Your Resume On

With 96% of current workers seeking new career opportunities on top of unemployed job seekers, standing out from the crowd and catching the eye of recruiters has become increasingly difficult. However, with various online job searching sites allowing you to upload your resume and get connected to hiring employers, there is still hope for those who are serious about landing their dream job.

So, if you've recently had your resume revamped by a resume professional, read on as we cover our top picks for resume uploading websites that increase your chances of getting a call back.

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1: Indeed

One of the most established and highly visited job seeking sites, Indeed, helps 23 job seekers land a new job every minute. From remote positions to in-person work opportunities, Indeed is the go-to platform for recruiters from hundreds of industries. Because of this, over 245 million people have uploaded their resumes to the site, with upwards of 350 million people visiting the website every month.

As the go-to job posting website for so many employers, it only makes sense for job seekers to have their profile filled out and resume uploaded to Indeed. As one of the most active job search sites, Indeed has helped millions of people land jobs, and you could be next.

2. LinkedIn

Often referred to as the business professional’s social media network, LinkedIn has been up and running since 2003, giving job seekers and employers the opportunity to network and make new connections. While the site’s layout is similar to those seen on social media platforms, displaying recent posts by field experts, employers from around the world post new job openings on LinkedIn every day as well.

A unique feature that LinkedIn offers is the ability to enable the “#OpenToWork” feature, which shows recruiters that may come across your profile that you are actively seeking new work opportunities, whether or not you applied to a job listing. This feature has been proven to land job seekers more inbox inquiries from recruiters, with those enabling this feature receiving 40% more LinkedIn InMails from recruiters over those who have it disabled.

Therefore, between LinkedIn’s resume uploading feature, networking opportunities and features to facilitate connections between recruiters and job seekers, it is a platform worth looking into to secure your next job in 2024.

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3: Glassdoor

Boasting features like those found on Indeed, Glassdoor is a trusted recruiting site with 67 million unique monthly visitors that offers a unique set of features that differentiates itself from competitors. Unlike Indeed that is used almost entirely for submitting job applications, Glassdoor’s primary function is providing interested applicants with information about over 6 million companies, including their employee salaries, mission, values and number of employees.

However, much like LinkedIn and Indeed, Glassdoor is an effective platform for securing career opportunities, allowing job seekers to upload their resume for review by various companies. Simply browse through job listings, compare salaries across dozens of competitor companies, see company reviews, and apply if it’s a good fit.

4: ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter, an American employment marketplace operating since 2010 is also among the most highly visited, with 25 million monthly active users. Having processed over 430 million applications, ZipRecruiter features job listings from dozens of industries, and includes contract work opportunities, remote positions and traditional, in-person job openings.

Plus, with ZipRecruiter’s one-tap application feature, you can apply to jobs more efficiently than on other platforms. To enable this feature, you must first upload your resume, which will be saved by the website and used in all of your applications afterwards.

Despite seeing heavy traffic every day of the week, the platform's data indicates that job seekers have the most success on Tuesdays, followed by Thursdays, and that both Sunday and Monday have the lowest numbers of hires (CNBC), which may become valuable information when choosing the most appropriate time to send out applications.

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5: FlexJobs

If the heavy applicant competition of other websites has turned you away from job listing boards, FlexJobs may be a better choice. Offering in-depth insight into various companies, including their values, employer statistics, and current job openings, it is a popular option among serious job hunters. However, unlike other resume uploading sites listed above, FlexJobs requires a membership to apply to jobs and access the website’s plethora of features. Thankfully, the cost of membership is minimal and starts at just $2.95 for a 2-week trial which won’t break the bank.

While many job searchers cringe at the thought of paying money to find a job, others take advantage of the reduced competition it creates. Due to the mandatory fee to apply to jobs on the site, job listings receive fewer applications, making it easier for your resume to get noticed. So, if the small membership cost is not a deal-breaker, FlexJobs is another platform worth uploading your resume to for an increased chance of securing the job you have had your eyes on.

The platform is also a favorite among those looking for work-from-home opportunities, as it features many remote job listings, following the wave of companies opting for remote and hybrid work models.

Use Multiple Job Boards To Be The Most Effective

As the unemployment rate continues to gradually increase in the United States, the number of job seekers has also increased. This growing demand for work opportunities has made it more difficult for job seekers to stand out from the competition. However, with the help of resume uploading sites like Indeed and FlexJobs, job seekers can increase their chances of securing their dream job.

So, to help your resume see its full potential on these five resume uploading sites, consider finding resume & cover letter writers to help push your applications over the top. Contact us today to see how our team of resume professionals can bring life to your resume and land you the job you want in 2024.

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